Most of the conference will take place at Palazzo Nuovo, Via Sant’Ottavio 20, 10124 Turin. The building is in the center of Turin, close to Via Po and Piazza Vittorio Veneto, and can be reached conveniently with public transport or by foot from the two stations and most hotels. Various places for lunch, coffee, aperitivi, etc. can be found around Palazzo Nuovo.

In more detail, the venues will be as follows:

  • 15 September: School of Economics and Management, Corso Unione Sovietica 220.
  • 16–18 September: Palazzo Nuovo (School of Humanities), Via Sant’Ottavio 20

The School of Economics and Management is south of the city center. There are two entrances. We invite you to enter the building via Via Filadelfia 73, at the rear of the building. However, if you take the Welcome Coffee at the Bombonera kiosk or participate in the Women’s Caucus lunch—see the program and the catering information—, you can better use the main entrance.

The rear entrance is connected to the city center by tram/bus No. 10, stop „Filadelfia” (at the stadium). You can board it at the Porta Susa station, for example.

The alternative is the main entrance at Corso Unione Sovietica 220. It can be reached conveniently with tram No. 4 . In the center, it runs in Via dell’Arsenale and also stops at the Porta Nuova station.

Palazzo Nuovo (and the Mole Antonelliana glaring on the glass)

Palazzo Nuovo is here:

And here is the School of Economics and Management: