Poster Session

Starting at 18:10 on Wednesday 15 September, all posters will be presented online, three minutes per presenter. This presentation will start with the in-person poster presenters and also be streamed into the Aula Magna.

In-person participants can, in the meanwhile, get a drink nearby the university premises at the bar/kiosk „Bombonera” (Corso Unione Sovietico 209i, in the middle of the piazzetta, until 19:00).

From 18:30 onwards, the (purely) online poster presentations follow. More or less at the same time, in-person presenters will move to their poster in the foyer of the School of Economics and Management (entrance Corso Unione Sovietica). You can meet them there and ask questions. Online posters presenters will move to virtual breakout rooms at ca. 18:50.

The poster session concludes at 19:30. See below for a list of posters in the order of their virtual presentation (poster no. 1= 18:10, no. 2 = 18:13, etc.).