Catering & Dinner

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be split into three groups and days due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically:

  • 15 September: Ristorante Esperia, Corso Moncalieri 2 (link to Google Maps). Entrance open at 20:00, food will be served from 20:30 onwards.
    • Transfer time from the poster session: 40 minutes ca. (The easiest option is to take tram no. 4 until stop Giolitti or Carlina Nord and to walk from there.)
  • 16 September: Ristorante Porto di Savona, Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2 (link to Google Maps). Tables are reserved for 20:00, from 20:30 onwards food will be served.
  • 17 September: Ristorante Esperia, Corso Moncalieri 2 (link to Google Maps). From 19:30 onwards you can enjoy a welcome drink and a light snack. At about 20:30 food will be served at the table.

The allocation of participants to the conference dinner(s) is printed below.


Due to COVID-19 regulations on the university campus, we cannot provide on-site catering. However, we have made agreements with nearby bars for a basic catering service in the coffee break.

For the 11:00 coffee breaks on 16-18 September, you will receive a voucher upon registration. It includes a coffee or tea and a biscuit that you can redeem in the bars printer below. Same for the refreshments on 15 September.

For the welcome coffee in the morning, it is sufficient to show your badge.

Wednesday 15 September

Welcome Coffee 14:00–14:30, Bar/Kiosk “Bombonera”, Corso Unione Sovietica 209i. Link to Google Maps.

Refreshments 18:00–19:00, same place.

Wednesday 16 September and Friday 17 September

Welcome Coffee 8:30–9:00, “Se Puede”, Via Verdi 33 (link to Google Maps)

Coffee Break 11:00–11:30, “Se Puede”, Via Verdi 33 and “Brace Pura”, Via Roero di Costanze 2 (link to Google Maps). Both bars are in the immediate neighborhood of Palazzo Nuovo.

Saturday 18 September (TBC)

Welcome Coffee 8:30–9:00, “Denim Bar”, Via Verdi 43C.

Coffee Break 11:00–11:30, same place.